In 2021, NC REALTORS® will complete its faithful restoration of one of Raleigh’s most historic properties. Just blocks from the General Assembly, it neighbors the offices of the Lt. Governor and the Governor’s mansion. The building will serve as the offices of the NC REALTORS® government affairs staff and a gathering place for REALTOR® members when in the Capitol.

Over its 140-year history, the house served as a home for several families. The U.S. National Register of Historic Places identifies the property as the Heck-Andrews House. As with most buildings of that era, some of its owners had ties to the Confederacy.  

While we cannot change that past, we can use history to educate the public about our country’s imperfections. More importantly, as the property’s latest stewards, we can use the house to build a more perfect future.

As the housing industry’s statewide advocacy organization, the NC REALTORS® has been proactively engaged in addressing racial inequities in the housing industry for decades – by actively engaging in policies, industry practices and addressing housing discrimination issues through our longstanding support of fair, safe and affordable housing measures.  

As REALTORS®, we proudly embrace diversity. Homeownership is part of the American Dream, a dream which must be open to all who call this country homeThat is what we stand for. We look forward to promoting these inclusive values from our new home, creating a modern, positive narrative out of the days gone by; changing yesterday’s failures into tomorrow’s hopes. 

NC REALTORS® is excited to bring about a reformation on Blount Street. We cannot renovate history, but we can – and will – create a new legacy for tomorrow.